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Mouse anti‑Xenopus laevis CDK1 / CDC2 IgG2a Monoclonal RW-C827978-0.05
Antibody: CDK1 / CDC2 Mouse anti-Xenopus laevis Monoclonal (FITC) (A17) Antibody, Application: ICC, IF, Flo, Reactivity: Xenopus laevis, Human, Mouse, Rat, Chicken, Format: FITC, Unmodified, Descriptio: CDC2 antibody RW-C827978 is an FITC-conjugated mouse monoclonal antibody to CDC2 (CDK1) from xenopus laevis. It is reactive with human, mouse, rat and other species. Validated for Flow, ICC and IF., Targe: Xenopus laevis CDK1 / CDC2, Synonym: CDK1 | CDC28A | CDC2 | CDKN1 | Cyclin-dependent kinase 1 | p34 protein kinase | p34CDC2 | CDC2a | Cell cycle controller CDC2 | Cell division protein kinase 1 | PSTAIR, Hos: Mouse, Reactivit: Xenopus laevis, Human, Mouse, Rat, Chicken (tested or 100% immunogen sequence identity), Clonalit: IgG2a Monoclonal, Clon: A17, Conjugation: FITC, Purificatio: Protein A affinity chromatography, Modification: Unmodified, Immunoge: C-terminal fragment starting at amino acid 85 of Xenopus laevis p34 cdc2, Specificit: This antibody recognizes cyclin-dependent kinase 1 (Cdk1), a 34 kDa protein kinase which is also known as Cdc2. Cdk1 is a serine/threonine kinase which forms complexes with cyclins A and B which then phosphorylate a variety of target substrates to enable cell cycle progression., Application: ICC
Flow Cytometry, Usag: Applications should be user optimized., Presentatio: PBS, 0.09% Sodium Azide, Storag: Short term: store at 4°C. Long term: store at -20°C. Avoid freeze-thaw cycles., Restriction: For research use only. Intended for use by laboratory professionals., Guarante: This antibody carries the RW 100% Guarantee., About CDK1 / CDC: Uniprot: P06493 NCBI: NM_001786 NP_001777.1
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