Post one Aalto Bio Reagents GoBuddY Protein Review on their YFV NS1 protein (cat no: CA 6325) For a Chance To Win a Travel Grant Award to the ESCV Conference 2019

Feb 5 2019


Aalto Bio Reagents



To be considered for the £850/ €1000/ $1100 Travel Grant to ESCV 2019 please follow the steps below.

Submit one unique Aalto Bio Reagents GoBuddY Protein review on their YFV NS1 protein (cat no: CA 6325) filling out all mandatory fields. In addition, at least one figure with figure legend also needs to be added to your review together with useful comments using the comments box..

The ESCV 2019 Travel Grant

One £850/ €1000/ $1100 Travel Grant for the ESCV 2019 Conference, to cover travelling, accommodation/registration will be awarded to one scientist submitting the best Aalto Bio YFV NS1 protein review. The best three reviews will be initially selected. The winner of the ESCV 2019 Travel Grant will be selected by an independent panel of scientists who will judge the best overall review from the initial three selected reviews

The Terms & Conditions

1) One awarded Travel Grant to cover your flights & accommodation/registration up to £850/ €1000/ $1100 for the ESCV 2019 Conference.

2) While this Award is for the ESCV 2019 Conference we will consider other relevant Conferences. Please contact antYbuddY with your suggestion first.

3) The ESCV 2019 Travel Grant winner will be expected to present their YFV NS1 research on a scientific poster at the nominated conference. .

Please feel free to contact [email protected] for further information.