Publish a Novus Biologicals Antibody, Kit or Protein Review & $25 / €20 / £20 Will Be Donated To United Way In Your Name

Mar 20 2018


Novus Biologicals



Thank you for taking the time to publish your online review to share with other scientists around the globe

Publish any Novus Biologicals antibody, kit or protein review, either MyVideo, GoBuddY and MaxBuddY reviews are accepted. Each unique review must be current (validation experiment performed no longer than than 2 years ago) and all fields must be correctly completed in the online review publishing form.

$25 / €20 / £20 donation will be made to United Way on your behalf and in your name. One $25 / €20 / £20 charitable donation will be made to United Way for every unique Novus Biologicals review you submit on antYbuddY

United Way: Providing critical services and COVID-related assistance. Thank you for supporting children, families, and seniors!

A certificate that records a donation has been made to United Way in your name will be sent to the reviewer within 3 working days.