1M MMT pH 4.0 and pH 9.0

Jan 4 2019
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1M MMT pH 4.0 and pH 9.0

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Genome stability & stress signaling


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Protein Crystallisation Optimisation



NH and/or COOH modification


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Protein stability

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We used the MMT buffer kit to follow up initial crystals from the PACT HT96 screen. We reproducibly obtained crystals in this buffer system, similar to the original screen. The kit is easy to use, just varying the ratios of the 2 pH buffers to obtain the pH you need. Recommended!


Claire Naylor Jan 4 2019

Dear Chris, Thank you very much for your review. Your feedback is very useful to us, as it helps us to improve existing products and develop new ones. We're really glad the buffer kit was useful to optimise the crystals more easily! I'm very happy to let you know that your Amazon reward voucher is on its way to you! Yours Claire Naylor Molecular Dimensions

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