The antYbuddY platform was independently founded by Dr Giancarlo Barone, a bench scientist. I hope antYbuddY.com helps the scientific community with better purchasing decisions of antibodies and other expensive reagent and to foster a sharing community.

Our Promise

The antYbuddY platform will always provide a free to use service for scientists to submit independent and unbiased antibody, kit and protein reviews for their peers to read and make informed decisions on their subsequent purchases. The platform seeks to foster a sharing and interacting community.

Our Scope

The antYbuddY platform endeavours to offer rewards to all scientists who submit a journal quality independent antibody review. In addition, antYbuddY.com will actively seek organisations to sponsor review rewards for scientists that submit unbiased quality reviews.

Our Service

Free at the point of use but every user will first need to register with the site to gain full access to all its services. Full access means adding content, either review, comment or using on-site messaging.